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To elevate and educate those we serve to be the best version of themselves through creative and interactive therapy solutions. 

We are passionate about serving the communication needs of Early Intervention and Pediatric clients from birth through 12 years old, through our talented group of speech-language pathologists and speech-language pathology assistants. Our team is committed to conducting comprehensive assessments and providing high quality speech therapy services using evidence and research-based techniques.


We adopt a collaborative approach with family members, teachers, and related service providers to achieve optimal success in a child's remediation process. Speech therapy is provided in one of our clinics and/or in the child's home so as to foster communication development within a familiar and comfortable setting. At this time, we are providing both clinic-based and telehealth Speech Therapy for our clients. 


Dyslexia Screening and Intervention services are offered by our team of Barton trained Dyslexia screeners. A thorough screening is conducted to assess and establish the presence of Dyslexia in a student. Once established, remedial tutoring is implemented to improve the students decoding, reading fluency, and spelling skills.

Child In Speech Therapy


Our therapists are dedicated to working closely with our clients and their families to facilitate collaborative and adaptive plans to deliver positive outcomes. We aim to develop relationships built on trust to better foster communication among our clientele.


Our therapists work to introduce confidence within our clients through relevant activities that promote participation, growth, and positivity. We elicit effective communication by giving our clients active roles in sessions through story sharing exercises, interactive games, and an enthusiastic outlook. 

Teacher and Young Student
Autism Therapy


We offer individualized strategies as a way to expand our clients opportunities to communicate. We equip our clients and their families with the appropriate resources and techniques to facilitate progress beyond the therapy space to further invite development and growth in broader environments. 


We strive to create an environment designed to empower and promote positive growth for those we serve through our team of talented therapists, and our wide library of tools and resources. We provide evidence and research based strategies to help our clients reach their full potential. 

Teacher & Student
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