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Our ABA Therapy Process

We understand that every child diagnosed with autism needs an individual approach to therapy for positive and effective outcomes. Whether the child needs one-on-one sessions, group therapy, or real-life situational training, the highly trained ABA therapists at Proficio can help them reach their full potential by providing personalized interventions along with a step-by-step approach to treatment.


Family Interviews

Our team will work closely with you to schedule a phone to in-person interview. Through this, our clinical team can assess your child's needs treatment


In-Person Assessments

We conduct an initial assessment by employing a variety of industry tools and best practices. During the assessment, we discuss your and your child’s needs.


Parents or caregivers are recommended to be a part of this stage as we will be asking a variety of questions to help identify the child’s treatment goals. This step also gives an opportunity for our BCBA experts to engage with your child and gain a preliminary understanding of the child’s skills.


Treatment Plan Development

After the assessment, our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) will develop a comprehensive treatment plan detailing the skill areas that will be addressed during ABA therapy sessions. We will also assist you with Insurance services.


See the list of insurance companies with whom we are in network here


Building the Treatment Team

After we have a comprehensive understanding of the needs of your child based on the treatment plan, we will make sure that we have the right team assigned to your child consisting of a trained Behavior Technician, a Behavioral Staff Trainer, and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.


Therapy Scheduling and Data Collection

​Our clinical team will begin to work with your child during the hours and environment that are mutually agreed upon.  Every therapy session and activities will be developed based on the treatment plan and goals. The data we capture during the therapy session are documented and shared with the parents and/or caregivers.


Program Assessments and Parent Communication


Our BCBAs who serve as Care Managers will communicate with the parents each week about the progress achieved during that particular period.  This allows parents to understand outcomes and discuss any changes needed for the plan.

Questions about insurance? You can view our insurance coverage information here

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