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Occupational Therapy Services

Our Approach







Our comprehensive approach encompasses assessment, therapeutic interventions, and adaptive strategies, aiming to optimize individuals' abilities and foster meaningful engagement in daily activities. With a commitment to evidence-based practices and client-centered care, we strive to empower clients to overcome barriers, improve their quality of life, and achieve their fullest potential.

Areas of Expertise

Personalized Strategies

Our therapists utilize collaborative strategies to find practical solutions that can help our clients maintain, regain, or improve their independence and participation in daily activities. At times, these solutions might involve a change in the client’s environment or using different techniques and new equipment.  As part of our collaborative and investigative strategy our therapists may use and suggest different techniques and/or equipment for heightened endurance and success.

Activity Grading

Our team of trained therapists use activity grading as a technique to assist our clients take part in an activity.  By breaking down an activity into more manageable steps our therapists empower our clients to achieve the desired results with increased confidence with every stage.  Additionally, graded exposure is an added technique that our therapists utilize to focus on the emotional and psychological elements during rehabilitation.

Play-Based Strategies

Our therapists focus on improving hand strength, social skills enhancement and sensory skills through game or play activities for our clients to complete each day of their therapy.  The strategy breaks tasks into small achievable goals in order to reach larger and holistic goals such as improving hand strength to ultimately hold a pencil or a spoon.

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