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 Our Local and Global Impact Initiatives


Blossom Valley Therapy Center

Blossom Valley Therapy Center is a non-profit organization located in Kerala, India. It was founded with the vision of providing quality services and facilities to children with special needs in a rural area. We are major donors for this non-profit initiative. The center offers various programs and services to help children with developmental, physical, and mental challenges. Blossom Valley has a team of experienced and qualified professionals who work with compassion and dedication. The center currently serves more than 150 children with special needs and has a goal of reaching 300 by 2025.

Project Hope

'Tejasasia Project Hope' is a community based special education program serving the underserved and under resourced children in India. Their mission is to bring the hope of a future to the disadvantaged, disabled children of Tughlakabad through dedicated education and vocational skills training. Volunteers trained in Special Education, Speech and Language Therapy, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy along  are sent to work with these children, giving them the tools they need to reach their potential.


 Our Scholarship Programs


Tuition Reimbursement & Employee Scholarship Program for students

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