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Proficio Therapy Center of Murray, UT


111 E 5600 S, Suite # 110

Murray UT 84107
Phone: (385) 388-8256

About the Center

Proficio Therapy Centers sport a progressive and nurturing ambiance that take center stage, creating an environment tailored for the optimal growth and holistic success of each child. Each center is thoughtfully designed to provide a welcoming atmosphere, fostering a sense of comfort and security for the young minds. Vibrant and stimulating visuals, coupled with innovative therapy spaces, ignite creativity and engagement. The spaces are equipped with effective therapeutic tools and technologies, ensuring that each child receives personalized and effective interventions. Our commitment to fostering a supportive atmosphere resonates in every corner, making therapy centers not just spaces for healing, but vibrant hubs for the flourishing development of every child

Management Team





Founder & Chief Behavioral Officer





Clinic Director





Administrative Support

Services Offered

Clinic Based ABA Services

Our clinic-based program strives to work on individualized goals across language, social, and adaptive skills. Instruction will take place primarily within the context of play and will include tabletop learning when needed. Our clinic-based ABA treatment program also allows us to provide opportunities for social interactions, following schedules, and group responding in order to build a foundation for school readiness.

Our Behavior teams are trained to the highest industry standards and experienced in providing quality ABA treatment services to children with:​​

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  • Behavioral Disorders.

  • Asperger’s Syndrome

  • Speech and Language Delays


  • Down's Syndrome.

  • Fragile X Syndrome.

  • Other Developmental Disabilities.

Coming Soon

Speech & Language Pathology

  • Articulation and Phonology

  • Receptive and Expressive Language

  • Alternative and Augmentative Comm.

  • Social Skills and Pragmatics

  • Voice and Fluency Disorders

  • Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech

  • Language-based Learning Disabilities

  • Cognitive Impairments

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Auditory Processing Disorders

  • ASL and Bilingual Speech Services

Coming Soon

Occupational Therapy Services

Our comprehensive approach encompasses assessment, therapeutic interventions, and adaptive strategies, aiming to optimize individuals' abilities and foster meaningful engagement in daily activities. With a commitment to evidence-based practices and client-centered care, we strive to empower clients to overcome barriers, improve their quality of life, and achieve their fullest potential.

Questions about insurance? You can view our insurance coverage information here

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